GPS Dude

This app can display the GPS status (coordinates, number of satellites, speed, bearing, etc.), including information about the satellite - for example, elevation angle, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Additionally the GPS application offers the ability to save the current position. Each position can be find later using the built-in compass navigator. For example, you can find your car in the city easily. A simple compass is also included. There is also a built-in world map available (map data from OpenStreetMap) and you can use it offline, if the data was cached.

Following permissions are required:
* Fine-Location: finding GPS satellites
* Internet: for Google Ads, downloading maps
* Network Status: for Google Ads, downloading maps
* External Storage: store maps on external SD Cards

Following languages are available:
English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Persian, Polish, Romanian and Swedish

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No data will be collected or transmitted. The Internet connection is required to download maps, for example from Open Street Map. Additionally the integrated ad banner requires an Internet connection. The banner is a component powered by Google and is linked to the Googles AdMob system. Ads appear only every 2 days.