On this page you will get a description of how to use this program (V1.3.1).

As a prerequisite, you need a device with the Android operating system (at least V2.2). Additionally the device must have a GPS receiver, and a sensor for the compass.

When you start the program you will see the the main view and its GPS information on your current location. The process can take some time, because your device first requires a minimum number of satellites to determine your location. It is important that your device fixes the satellites - can be seen in the row for the satellite. The number inside the brackets shows the satellites total found.

In the title bar you can open the menu on the right side, where you can turn on or off GPS and compass, configure the settings to customize the program and start the card management, that gives you the option to select the type of card and download material already to display the built-in map. On the left side of the title bar, you have the choice of different views. This includes the already displayed GPS information overview, saved locations, satellite information, a map and a simple compass.

In the GPS Overview you will have the option to save your current location. The location will then appear in the list of saved locations.

In the Location List, you can click on an entry. From there you come to the view that shows where to find the saved location - based on your current location. It is important that your device detects your current location. In the list you can call by prolonged touching of the entry the context menu. You have choice whether you want to rename or delete the entry. You can also open the map, where the saved location is displayed (green icon).

In the map your current location is displayed as a blue icon. If the saved location also be shown, the distance will be displayed automatically. You can add a location by prolonged touching on the map. The maps are downloaded as needed . The loading behavior can be set in the settings. So you don't have expensive costs for mobile, you can use the Card Management in advance for downloading the map data by using a cheaper WiFi connection. In the Map Manager you can also remove already loaded data, in order to update the map's data.

Last but not least you can still see views of detailed information about the GPS satellites. And a simple compass is also available, whose blue peak shows the north.