About this site

Epinox.de is a private project that I use to publish other projects on the Internet. This includes the apps that I develop and publish at some app stores like Google Play. You will also have the possibility to get more information about these projects and get in touch with me.

I mainly develop for Android and Windows and use the programming languages Java, C# and Pascal. I also extend the functionality of websites (e.g. for the Contao CMS) by using PHP. A few years ago I was a co-developer for the FireBoard Joomla (CMS) forum module, which is now known as Kunena. I also know how to develop extensions for the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) using C/SIDE.

You can find some of my old projects at www.racoonpages.de.


Frank Neunkirchen
Epinox.de, Viersen (Germany)